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whisper words of wisdom... let it be... let it be

bonnie wee lass.
15 December 1984
Orange County, California, United States
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, 1984, 60's-80's music, a.d.d, alcohol, anaheim angels, anything involving music, australian accents, baseball, being a loser, being ghetto, being technical, big lips, blue eyes, blues, books, bowling, bubba ho tep, car models, cds, celtic, chunky guys, classic rock, classical music, comedy movies, computers, country, cranberry juice, creepers, debating, dickies long shorts, dorks, dr. pepper, drums, dvds, elizabeth wurtzel, elvis, forrest gump, frogs, frosty heidi & frank, funk, gears of war, gerrys, getting lost, guys with long hair, hand holding, having money, heavy metal, history, horror movies, hotrods, hugable lovable guys, hugs, ireland, j.d. salinger, jeans, jones soda, laughing too hard, lip rings, loud things, making people laugh, masturbation, mi familia, motown, mullets, muscle cars, music, my friends, nerds, nice round guy butts, oi, oldies, oral fixations, pale white skin, penis, piercings, playing games, porn, pretending i'm "kool", psychiatrists, psychobilly, psychology, punk, puzzles, randomness, reading, records, rock, rockabilly, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, say yes to andru, sci-fi, scotland, scottish accents, scottish men, sex, simpsons, sleep, smiling, soul, spongebob, tattoos, the beach, the goonies, trucks, turtles, vans shoes, writing poems/music/stories, wwe, wwii, xbox360, you are my daddy

I'm not on here nearly enough to care about giving you a short bio about myself :)
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